ООО "Энергосервис"
ООО "Энергосервис"
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Efficiency of Implementing Domestic Innovative Highstrength and High-temperature Steel-aluminum Сonductors

Fokin V.A., Director General of "Energoservis", LLC
Timashova L.V., Ph.D., Principal researcher of the Department for Supporting Scientifi c and Technical Council and Scientifi c and Technical
Information, "R&D Center "FGC UES", JSC
Merzlyakov A.S., Head of the Center for Composite Materials and Superconductivity, "R&D Center "FGC UES", JSC
Gurevich L.M., D.Sc., Head of the Department of Materials Science and Composite Materials, VSTU
Kuryanov V.N., Ph.D., Head of Power and Electrical Engineering Department, National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
Nazarov I.A., Head of the Substation Department of the Center for Reliability and Asset Management, "R&D Center "FGC UES", JSC

PJSC "Rosseti" maintains 44 thousand km of new conductor types or 1% of the total conductors' length (4.5 million km). Among these conductors are self-supporting insulated wires of various modifi cations (more than 41 thousand km or 0.9% of the total conductors' length) and bare conductors (less than 3 thousand km or less than 0.1% of the total conductors' length). In addition, Russian modern power grid is characterized by physical deterioration and obsolescence of equipment. As a result, low energy effi ciency of power facilities takes place. The most important indicator of power system effi ciency is the level of energy losses. With the growing power losses in electrical networks, the number of urgent problems
increases. Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of electrical networks, application of advanced technical developments in design solutions, implementation of modern technologies and materials increasing reliability, durability and maintainability of power transmission lines are among these problems.

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