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Reference information about Energoservice, LLC and some of its implemented projects

Energoservice, LLC team has been in business of steel wire ropes and unisolated wires for over 20 years.We are developing, testing and implementing innovative products specifically for the largest Russian companies. The following implemented projects are worth mentioning:

1. Russian State Grid Company Rosseti, PJSC:
a) Overhead ground-wire cable (overhead line) resistant to all actual atmospheric impacts without decrease of operating characteristics within the life cycle.
Based on the results of our overhead ground-wire cable operation FGC UES, PJSC Standard was revised with regard to tightening of qualification test methods.
Application of 16 000 km of overhead lines since autumn 2008.
b) Complex of high-tensile-strength and high-temperature wires for 35750 kV overhead power transmission lines first prize of Rosseti, PJSC For the best implemented project 2014. A unique national technology making the wire much cheaper than any similar European product and at that achieving at least the same or better performance. Results of pilot tests and product parameters were analyzed by SAG Deutschland Versuchs- und Technologiezentrum and VDE. Bundesnetzagentur (Abteilung Netzausbau) technical experts were familiarized with the results of operation on thousands of kilometers in the most demanding conditions and they pointed out certain prospects of application of our state-of-the-art product at the reconstruction of German network.

2. Russian Railways, JSC: development of carrying cable of MK contact system with high duty, thermal resistance, with small operational extension and increased values of admissible continuous operating current. MK was recognized at the 79th General Assembly of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). For the first time in several decades the Russian delegation initiated a decision on the set up of IEC standard for carrying cables of overhead contact system (working team headed by the representative of MPEI includes leading experts from 11 countries). Has been applied in the product since 2014. MK innovative cable became the basis for the introduction of the new section in TS Interstate standard in 2015. Energy saving makes 615 %, cost recovery due to saving is 5-9 years (depending on the railroad traffic intensity). Application South Ural and West Siberian railroads of Russian Railways, JSC since 2014.

3. Norilsk Nickel, PJSC: import substitution of locked coil ropes for deep hoisting. The product is developed, passed qualification and pilot tests and monthly monitoring after the launch in series production. Full-scale application since 2007. Subsequent to the results of operation Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision has made amendments to detailed documentation on the arrangement of hoisting with regard to toughening of requirements to steel carrying cables and their tests.

4. The Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor): import substitution at the installation of cable barriers. Developed product, which passed qualification and pilot tests, outperforms all European analogues and was launched in full-scale production in 2014. Application Federal highways 4 Don, 1 Belarus, 8
Holmogory, -104 and others. On the results of operation regulatory documents of Federal Road Agency on the arrangement of barriers were modified.

Our facilities include Ostankinskaya TV tower, import substitution of cable ropes for Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), Oil Company Surgutneftegas, and other projects.
All our products are designed without the employment of budgetary funds and they not only transfer technologies to Russia but are entirely Russian items from development, intellectual property, feedstock and technology to production.

Our developments are protected by 17 Russian and German patents (DE-102014101833)

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