ООО "Энергосервис"
ООО "Энергосервис"

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ООО "Энергосервис" / English
Newly patented innovative high-efficiency wires for power transmission lines in energy grids

Authors: V.N. Kuryanov and M.M. Sultanov, National Research University «Moscow Power Engineering Institute», RU,
L.M. Gurevich Volgograd State Technical University, RU,
V.A. Fokin General Director of LLC "Energoservice", RU

To meet the ever increasing power demand, we must continue to improve existing technology with active participation of equipment manufacturers, research institutions, etc. This paper discusses a new configuration of compacted wire, recently patented in Germany, which research has found to have significant advantages over existing compacted wires. The paper will start by comparing different wires of compaction and twisting and their main characteristics such as: strength, lower electrical resistance, less electrical loss, higher current, higher temperature, next it shows the results of a computer experiment which examined the relative effects of wind on compacted versus round wires showing clear advantages of reduced dancing in compacted wires, next it prognoses a creep, and finally developed the software.

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