ООО "Энергосервис"
ООО "Энергосервис"
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AHG 14 Report for IEC/TC9 Management meeting on 12th April 2016 in Florence

Resolution 55/30
Considering the presentation made by the Russian delegation concerning a proposal of a standard on "Copper and copper alloy messenger wires for overhead contact line/catenary systems", TC 9 resolves to task its Secretary to circulate a questionnaire to set up an AHG with a call for experts for the preparation of the NWIP.
The task of the AHG will be
- to investigate the existing standards,
- to propose a structure for this new standard,
- to prepare a NWIP to be submitted to CAG and TC 9 at the next plenary meeting.
TC 9 resolves to nominate Mr. Vasily Kuryanov (Russia) as future Rapporteur of this AHG.
AhG 14 Members
Rapporteur: Mr. Vasily Kuryanov (Ru)
Experts: 12 experts from 6 countries
Activity of AhG 14
a. 02 February 2016 AhG 14 create a list for all members to agree first steps.
b. Create a list of already existing national standards for Copper and copper alloy messenger wires for overhead contact line/catenary systems.
c. The AHG 14 have 3 comments from experts for now.
Activity Plan of AhG 14
a. Organize a web/phone conference in may 2016.
b. The 1st AHG 14 face to face meeting will be on July 2016 at Moscow. To discuss the results of standard analysis.  (To make a conclusion, to draft a scope of the new standard, to write and agree a NWIP and to agree also the structure of the new standard (to attach the draft scope and structure to the NWIP)
c. Submit the NWIP to TC9 and make a final report for the TC9 Management Meeting in November 2016.