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Catenary wires of overhead catenary system of railways

Catenary wire is not a less important element of the overhead catenary system of railways than the contact wire, which is already in the IEC standard for the final stage of manufacture, both from the point of view of reliability, and from the point of view of energy efficiency.
Existing standards for overhead catenary system of railways:
a. Russian. There are standards that apply to all areas of the industry, and not only on the railways;
b. International. International standard “Catenary wires of overhead catenary system of railways GOST 32697-2014” and experience requirements for the justification of catenary wires used in Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine from June 1, 2015.
c. Foreign. These are not detected.
Summary: The lack of standards of the contact railway network cables in the majority of countries around the world is pushing for the necessity of international data structuring in European, Asian and other countries to a single IEC.
The presence of experienced experts in the Russian Federation for writing a supranational standard of Catenary wires of overhead catenary system of railways.
Option structure of the new IEC standard for supporting catenary wires railroads
- Introduction and general provisions
- Terms and Definitions
- General requirements
- System engineering and project management
- Requirements for ropes
- Verification of conformity
- The use of wires for communication between power substations
- The use of wires for data transmission
Summary: While the development

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modernization of other similar standards for other purposes is not performed. The above leads to the bold assumption that every year the standard will have a practical distribution.
Final summary
Necessity to systematize the best international practices in terms of standardization of the local catenary wires, followed by putting them into a joint standard IEC;
Implementation of the projects of cross-border railroads need unification of requirements, including the elements of overhead catenary system of railroads.
The proposal to base on international standard «railroad carrier cables of contact network GOST 32697-2014 », and experience the justification of the systematization of catenary wire. As well as similar local regulations at option of experts and to start the development of a joint unitary standard IEC catenary wires for overhead catenary system of railways.