ООО "Энергосервис"
ООО "Энергосервис"

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The complex of products proposed for high-voltage power transmission lines (HVL) – is the fully domestic development starting from the technology, raw materials and fittings to the process of manufacturing and is aimed at provision of higher reliability, reduction of life and HVL construction costs by using the most cost-efficient technologies. Products have passed not less than two complete test cycles (not accounting for the certification tests) jointly with fittings providing efficient operation in any conditions, including extreme ones. All products are certified.
Plastic deformation process provides for increase of the filling ratio to 92–97 %, which results in a significant improval of strength and cross-section for the same cable diameter, reduction of aerodynamic load (20–35 %) and icing (25–40 %). Closed design ensures additional corrosion protection of internal steel layers (near the core wire).
The process itself is more simple, which means substantially cheaper compared to any analogous product, meanwhile performance values obtained are at least the same (see Table 1).
Maximum efficiency (including increase of spans by up to 30 %) is reached by integrated use of our cables and ground wires (or OKGT) in course of new construction. However even in other applications (transitions, expansion of the old HVL transmission capacity etc.), each of the products provides solution to a variety of problems.
1. High strength steel-aluminum cable (hereinafter referred to as ASHS, common grades of Al are used). Higher mechanical strength and compact design allows as follows: to use cables of substantially lower diameter and weight for the same HVL span length or to increase the distance between supports (for the same cable cross-section) for at least 20–30 % without changing the HVL transmission capacity, and to increase the ultimate allowable current value at the same maximum allowable temperature. For the same mechanical strength the transmission capacity is 15–25 % higher. For identical electromechanical performance values ASHS cable price is comparable with AS cables.
2. High temperature steel-aluminum cable (ASHT). The alloy (with minimal addition of Zr to increase the ultimate allowable operating temperature of these cables from 90 °С to 210 °С), developed in cooperation with RUSAL, along with design of the cable and fittings allowed for rapid increase (compared to our ASHS cable) of the transmission capacity (up to 100 %), without significant cost rise.
3. Ground wire MЗ as per TU-062 (in operation since 2008, 14,000 km supplied) – is the only cable, which withstands the complete cycle of successive tests for lightning current effect, aeolian vibration, dancing and for resistance to short circuit current using a single cable sample, which maintains its initial mechanical properties after passing all the exposures..
4. OKGT retains the properties of MЗ. Number of optical fibers in serial production items – 8–96.

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